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Bars in Canada

Welcome to Chubbs Bars Canada! A natural, purifying pet shampoo bar safe for all dirty pets.

No sulphates, parabens, formaldehyde, d'limonene, or essential oils, plus biodegradable. Designed by grooming professionals for professionals, Chubbs Bars will replace your texturizers, brighteners, purifyers, and volumiziers for a super purifying clean, yet gentle on skin, hair and hands.

Chubbs Bars pet shampoo is mostly organic and comes in hypo-allergenic unscented or food grade light scents. It's unique shampoo bar form reduces waste and packaging, and is ideal for storage, shipping, and traveling. No bottles, no pre-mixing, no waste down the drain!

Chubbs Bars is unique because it was designed and tested on sensitive cats, so you know it is safe for all pets. Chubbs rinses easy, and leaves hair soft and fluffy, without hair separation or stiffness. See our video demonstration of our organic pet shampoo on a cat and horse.

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