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has become best known for their epic Blame Canada burger, but their penchant for creating unique, interesting limited edition specials is also a huge reason why the business – which now has three locations across Sydney – won’t stop booming anytime soon. Following the tragic passing of beloved actor Gene Wilder, who is perhaps most widely known for his role as the original Willy Wonka, that creative machine sparked something Bar Luca have never really tried before, something that has gone on to attract international attention from the likes of Time and Delish.com – the Willy Wonka inspired Beauregard Burger.

In one of the the most memorable scenes from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (both the film and book), gum-chewing rebel Violet Beauregard was given a special bubblegum that took her palate through three-courses (before causing her to swell up like a balloon and have to be rolled away by the oompa loompa squad). This burger is reportedly designed to reflect those three courses, blending sweet and savory in between a rainbow milk bun.

The burger will be available until Saturday 10th September at Bar Luca Sydney (the one near Circular Quay), and until Sunday 11th September at both BL Burgers (Oxford Street and Bondi). A total of 16 golden tickets will be available at random with each burger purchase (though most of those may have been taken up already – the burger came out at the beginning of this week) which will get each ticket-holder a burger and a drink for free. All 16 ticket-holders will then be in the draw to win a special BL Keyring, which nets the bearer free burgers for a year (conditions apply).

So what’s between that trippy milk bun? Built around a beef patty is an OTT stack of fried potatoes, tomato soup jelly, blueberry onion ham, a “popping” cheese, and special sauce.

To accompany the burger, BL are also offering a freakshake going by the name of “Augustus Bloop” as an homage to one of the most tragic figures in popular culture history – Augustus Gloop. It’s a “blooberry” milkshake covered in whipped cream, sour candy straps, Nerds, and a lollipop.

That’s not all though, for something after a punchier drink to help them wash down that burger there’s also a Wonky Sour, a boozy concoction that resembles an Oompa Loompa with vanilla vodka, Cointreau, bubblegum syrup, egg white, and lemon juice rimmed in rainbow nonpareils and topped with fairy floss and a cherry.

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