Chambar Belgian Restaurant

Chambar Restaurant Vancouver BC Canada

Chambar has always been a great location for food and ambiance. The shift to this new location has only taken what was a great restaurant and allowed it to polish the rough edges out to now be a very special one.

The overall ambiance is less intimate that their previous location, but they have managed to keep the overall space warm and inviting. They are well setup to serve groups of 5-10, which is refreshing, and have numerous nooks for the couple looking for some privacy. The Bar is well laid out, and great for a drink and quick bite as well. I haven't tried the patio yet, but that too will come shortly.

The staff if anything are showing what happens when you invest in them and seek to give them the tools to excel. Amazing service and attention to detail all around from the front of the house, to the kitchen and the wait staff.

The bar and wine menu are very well rounded, yet grounded. No wild drinks here, but every classic you could desire, made well with attention. The wine list is a great mix of local and exotic and the staff know what to effectively pair with the menu (that can be hard to do with this menu).

As for the food. This is not a menu that aims to be too avant-garde. All the dishes respect their origins and only vary due to the house's aim to use local and fresh ingredients wherever possible. That means what you get is going to be palatable and hopefully delightful to everyone. There is sufficient variety to appease any desire.

That said, when in doubt go for the mussels or the lamb tajine (if it isn't sold out! which happens nightly it's that good) and the house bread. Small plates, or large they will delight you and leave you content at the end of the evening.

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