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Gordon Ramsay Restaurants in Canada

Gordon Ramsay, the blond British ball of rage with the vast culinary empire, is finally expanding into Canada. In February 2009, the master chef told CBC’s The Hour he would open a restaurant in Toronto, and while that might still be the case, Montreal is getting a Ramsay resto first. The chef is taking over Rotisserie Laurier BBQ and subtly redubbing it Rotisserie Laurier BBQ by Ramsay. It sounds like Toronto won’t even be next on the list. After filming a season at Araxi, Whistler’s most acclaimed restaurant, Ramsay gushed that he wants to retire in the ski town.

Toronto might not have the honour of being graced with a Ramsay-approved eatery, but at least the chef will be in the city on November 20 to host Chef’s Challenge: The Ultimate Battle for a Cure at the Carlu. And while Montreal may have a Michelin-starred chef and a winning hockey team to boast about this week, at least Toronto has Lake Shore.

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