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Penelope Restaurant Toronto on Canada

225 King Street W
Toronto, ON M5V 3C3
(416) 351-9393

Had lunch here the other day with my former boss. Service is good and they try their best to serve you within one hour which is great. It is very bright and airy in the restaurant making it a comfortable atmosphere. Large space with lots of seating available. Ordered the chicken souvlaki ($18) which came at a good portion. It was quite tasty. The souvlaki came with a side of rice and greek salad that were fine as well. Nothing too special but notches higher than food court Greek. Just a tad expensive for lunch as eating only an entree was around $25 after everything. Would recommend as a good sit down option for a lunch meeting or relaxing dinner after hitting up the theatres nearby.

Roast lamb was a lil over cooked. The spinach pie was kinda blend. The restaurant interior environment is good though. Wouldn't go back for food just because there are many better Greek restaurants.

As with most Greek restaurants in Toronto, the portion sizes at Penelope are quite large. From the exterior, it may look like a fine dining option, however, the prices are on par with neighboring Greek restaurants. I had the beef souvlaki plate ($19) which came with the typical Greek salad and side of rice. The beef was nicely cooked to a medium rare but lacked flavor. Food arrived pretty fast considering I was on my lunch break - so at least they're reliable for getting you back to office on time! The server was attentive but in no way friendly. I'm hoping to try more items on the menu in the future, so I'll definitely be back.

This restaurant has a nice atmosphere. I went on a Thursday night at 7pm and I didn't need to wait for a seat at all. I ordered a saganaki for appetizer. It was a great dish where fire was lit on cheese at a frying pan. It was quite a spectacle. I will highly recommend this dish. I ordered roast lamb for the main course. Surprisingly, the lamb was tender and it was easy to chew. Most places, I have reservation on lamb but Penelope did it right. Overall, I'm pleased with the food and service.

I was a little skeptic walking into this Greek establishment because usually I find Greek food bland, but this restaurant gave me a reality check! I ordered a spinach pie which came with the most succulent potatoes. The Spinach pie was extremely delicious, flaky, and savoury. The customer service was top notch and the ambiance was brilliant. This restaurant has made me a born again Greek Food Eater

Horrific service. I have a food allergy and am used to going out and working with the restaurant on wheat I can eat. I accept the options may be limited, I'm used to it, no big deal. We were ordering appetizers and told the waiter what my issues were. He didn't know what was in the food. He begrudgingly checked with the kitchen, came back and said they brought their food in and the ingredients weren't on the packaging. He couldn't guarantee what was in it, he wasn't a scientist. He was defensive and argumentative. We asked to speak to the manager. We could actually hear the waiter going on to the manager about us. The manager couldn't of cared less, he couldn't guarantee anything, it's up to me if I wanted to risk it and suggested I eat a dry salad. After asking about a couple of options, we weren't getting anywhere, paid for our wine and left. Extremely disappointing service with no knowledge of their food. Went down the street to Hush, had fantastic service, they knew their menu!

Penelope Greek Restaurant was a very happy surprise. We had arrived late in the afternoon, tired, hot, hungry, and looking for something good without having to walk far from the hotel. Penelope fit the bill perfectly! We started off with a spectacular flamed brandy kefalotyri cheese (sheep's milk) which delivered a great crusty/smoky/toasty flavor. Definitely not like a crumbly feta, this cheese had texture and personality like a parmigiano. Went well with a bottle of Fix Hellas beer - a refreshing hoppy accompaniment. We also had the grilled octopus which was tender and delicious, and a cold meze assortment of their hummus, eggplant caviar, and tapenade. For the main courses, we shared lamb chops - 4 perfectly cooked chops, tender and juicy; garlic shrimp in a very good garlicky white wine sauce; and a grilled seafood souvlaki of shrimp (delicious, nice char marks) and scallops (a slight miss because they did not remove the tough hinge muscle which jarred with the succulence of the dish). The accompanying rice pilaf sides were also quite good, very buttery. Grilled pita had a good char and flavor but still soft inside with the crisp exterior - like naan. Excellent friendly service and decor, modern but soothing. Desserts were also excellent: we had the tiramisu (strong coffee flavor but not bitter); the tartufo (dense rich chocolate with intense raspberry sorbet inner); and the galaktoboureko - a phyllo pastry with smooth custard and honey. The desserts were very refined, not too sweet nor cloying, but satisfying.

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