Acting is a verbal act whereby a performer tells a story

Acting is a verbal act whereby a performer tells a story by way of its enacting, usually through the spoken word or some sort of dramatic utterance. Acting is performed either by the whole cast of a drama, or by a single character, and is accompanied either by music, sound effects, or visual graphics (such as smoke signals, swords, or flames). Some acting has been called the “lingerie of the theatre,” since it involves much mingling and socializing afterward. The term “play acting” is sometimes used to describe a type of acting that does not necessarily require the participation of a third party and that often results in quite spontaneous or loosely connected sequences of acting.

Julian Brand

Since acting is a verbal performance, good acting skills are necessary if one is to succeed in his or her acting job. While the art of acting may appear to be innate to some people, most successful actors have to work hard at improving their acting skills. To get a good acting job, it is important for an actor to be well-read, with an appreciation of language, and he should also be aware of the ways in which he presents himself to the audience. A successful actor wants to impress the audience and evoke a certain emotional response from them.

If you are seriously interested in the performing arts, start working on your acting skills today. There are a number of avenues for learning how to become a successful actor, and you can pursue them with auditions for actors available in your area. You can also take acting classes at community colleges and trade schools.