Amazing Eucommia Bark Benefits For Healthy Blood Pressure and Circulation

A variety of herbs, plants and roots make up eucommia. It was developed by the Han Dynasty around 200 BC. It has been used for centuries as a medicinal tea to cure high blood pressure, to strengthen the bones, muscles and brain, to prevent dandruff and to cleanse the colon. In China, it is often consumed as an herbal tonic to prevent illness and to promote good health. It was also used to help treat tumors.

Eucommia powder

An eucommia tea contains a variety of ingredients including ginkgo biloba, grape seed, hawthorn berries, wild yam and other parts of the leaf. Researchers have performed several experiments on the benefits of eucommia on hypertension and cholesterol levels. The results showed that eucommia increased the 24-hour blood pressure of the animals without causing any side effects and without reducing food intake. Patients with high blood pressure who drank eucommia had a significant decrease in blood pressures and with no side effects at all. It has been proven that eucommia increases the efficiency of the pump that circulates blood through the body, thus decreasing blood pressures and cholesterol levels.

However, a 24-hour blood pressure eucommia supplement is not recommended for people who are already taking medications for blood thinning or for pregnant women. Also, eucommia might increase the blood levels of estrogen and therefore may have some side effects on some people. Eucommia should not be taken without the direction of a doctor. Some manufacturers even add small amounts of caffeine, but it has not been proven to have any side effects in these situations either.

Unlike other Chinese herbal medicines, eucommia does not contain any preservatives or artificial flavors. However, because it contains anise and comfrey leaves, some people have reported stomach upset. The recommended dose of this herbal supplement is one tablespoon twice daily. Consult with your physician to determine the dosage that is appropriate for you. High blood pressure patients should first contact their physician before using any supplement containing eucommia.

Patients suffering from blood vessels disease, a history of liver problems or diabetes, and those on medication for these conditions should first consult with their primary care physicians before starting eucommia. They can also ask about eucommia if their blood tests indicate these conditions. Because the herb has no side effects, eucommia can be safely used by most people even without prior consultation with the doctor. However, if you have a history of high blood pressure or liver disease, speak to your physician before using it. If you do use eucommia, you must complete the entire dosing regimen, which usually consists of four to five doses, before any medication, to avoid interactions.

While there are many Chinese herbal medicines that have proven beneficial to humans, eucommia bark has been found to be particularly effective in lowering blood pressure, improving circulation, and increasing energy. It has also been found to reduce cholesterol levels and prevent clots from forming. Because of its numerous benefits, eucommia bark is frequently used by herbalists in both traditional Chinese medicine and alternative forms of medicine. Many people use eucommia bark in combination with other herbs and vitamins to promote good health throughout the body without negative side effects.