Basic methods used to attract more traffic to your real estate

If you are not doing well with your real estate website marketing, no worries, we understand that it can get difficult, but there are some simple and quick strategies that can help you get your site noticed. You need to keep in mind, whatever solution you come up with must be unique since your visitor only takes about 0.5 second to form his or her opinion about your site. Yes, you heard correctly, 0.5 second.

There are two basic methods used to attract more traffic to your real estate website marketing: the natural method and the paid method. Natural SEO is the better option, as it builds traffic organically through links and recommendations from other websites. On the other hand, paid SEM (search engine marketing) helps you with your first page search results, but if you don’t know how to manage the results, paid SEM can also ruin your organic growth. So to turn that around, you have listed below five tips for your real estate website marketing which will work well in your favor. Remember, each of these strategies will also help with your paid advertising, but you will also see positive results from your paid advertising if you use them in combination with the natural SEO.

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In summary, here are the five most important rules for your real estate website marketing: avoid long-tailed keyword phrases (e.g., “apartments,” “lofts,” “for sale by owner,” etc.) use hyphens between words (e.g., “apartments,” “apartment,” “office,” “for sale by owner,” “lofts,” “for sale by”) use numbers instead of keywords (e.g., “5 bedrooms,” “office,” “apartment”) use numbers instead of words (e.g., “bedroom,” “furnishings”) avoid using long-tail keywords (“exotic villas,” “real estate for sale”) Avoid using word-for-word copies of articles on your website (“How to Become a Real Estate Agent,” “The Five Biggest Mistakes Made in Selling Real Estate,” “Find Real Estate Deals”) Avoid using highly competitive keywords (“Real Estate Investing Secrets of Successful Real Estate Investors,” “MLM Lead System Results” etc.)