Becoming a Brick Layer

A bricklayer, which by its literal meaning is a layler, is a tradesman and skilled craftsman who lays brick masonry bricks to build brickwork for housing, industry, and infrastructure. The occupations covered in this article are not limited to bricklayers. The term refers to skilled persons who utilize bricks to build blockwork in other fields as well and houses. These may include fencing, stone work, and even precast concrete forms.

Bricklaying in the United Kingdom often takes place at the instance of the local authority or by an individual on his own initiative. However, it is not unknown to work for large building projects like those in London and Manchester. In fact, many people have become skilled at bricklaying and paved their way to careers in the corporate sector. A qualified bricklaying company usually seeks candidates with a mastery of English and creative writing skills. They usually require proof that the applicant has some knowledge of Maths.

The on-the-job training that bricklayers receive is centered on how to read blueprints, undertake some basic repairs and alterations, and follow instructions. The basic qualifications required to become a bricklayer are a high school diploma or GED (General Equivalency Diploma), a two-year apprenticeship at a bricklaying company, and completion of a recognized on-the-job training program. Applicants who successfully complete the on-the-job training program are awarded a certificate called the Bricklayering Council Certificate.

There are some factors that need to be taken into consideration before an individual applies for work experience as a bricklaying professional. First, the candidate must have a genuine interest in working in the field. Secondly, the person should be able to comply with work-related safety and protection protocols. Bricklayers who work without a professional safety helmet are in serious risk of injury, and may lose their ability to function independently. Thirdly, a bricklayer must be able to apply safety measures while performing his duties.

There are many job sites across the US where one can find work experience as a bricklaying professional. The main benefits to this career are low cost and flexibility; the ability to start on-the-job training immediately after completing secondary education; ability to use technical skills in addition to manual skills; ability to work under strict deadlines and strict schedules. Bricklaying jobs are available in all regions of the US including California, Texas, New York, Illinois, Florida, Arizona, and Washington. However, it is very important to ensure that the individual has the proper language skills. Most bricklaying jobs are done on private construction projects owned by the contractor and not governmental bureaus.

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Many job sites offer on the job training and this includes bricklaying. It is important to check if the training program is recognized by employers and can be obtained after completion. On-the-job training for bricklaying can be obtained by attending classes in a classroom or through distance learning courses offered by a vocational school or technical college. After completing classes, an individual will need to take a series of examinations to ensure he has the knowledge needed to be a successful licensed bricklayer. Once licensed, the individual will have the choice of working either on-site for a general contractor or doing contracting work for another company.