Choosing the right influencer

The presence of various social media platforms creates enormous promotional opportunities in the marketing world. Initially, business owners or companies promote their products in conventional ways, such as through television or print media, but they are different now. How many companies use social media to launch promotions for their products. One of the most popular strategies in marketing products or services on social media is to use influencers. Influencer marketing can make a significant effect, you can’t make the wrong choice. Then, how to choose the right influencer? Here are some tips for choosing the right person:


The most important and most important thing in choosing an influencer is the number of followers. The more number of followers, the greater the chance of an audience seeing your product or service marketing. Choose influencers who have a lot of followers. Besides the number, you also have to make sure whether the followers are genuine or fictitious. This is because lately more and more people are using the services of “buying and selling” followers. If the followers of influencers you choose are fictional, of course, your marketing strategy will be in vain.

2. Relations with the audience

The relationship between an influencer and his followers is also an important point to consider. An influencer is an ambassador of a brand to consumers and potential customers. Of course, influencers and followers must have a good relationship. To be able to see how their relationship status is, you can see a comparison of the number of likes and comments on each influencer’s post. If influencers have millions of followers but only get likes and comments less than 10% of followers, then you need to reconsider your choice.

3. Brand relevance

Choose influencers in the same industry. The trick, check the content that they often upload, at least in the last few days. For example, if a company is engaged in cosmetics, what is needed is an influencer who actively posts tips on using cosmetics. Don’t choose influencers whose profile is too distorted from the product content influencer agency Los Angele

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