Common Causes Of SUV Rollovers

There are many different types of SUV rollovers, all of them are very dangerous and can lead to serious injuries to drivers and their passenger:

Lateral Force Rollover. When vehicles with higher centers of gravity (and speed) are traveling at high speeds, they more often than not tend to flip over. An SUV is especially susceptible to this kind of accident because of the high center of gravity. Vehicles with large rear ends, long bodies, high noses and low-slide roofs also are at a higher risk of this accident. SuVs and other vehicles that have a high center of gravity are also prone to lacerations and side collisions during these types of rollovers.

Head-On Collision. SUV and other vehicles that are being driven in what appear to be a head-on collision are prone to rollovers. The accident occurs when the vehicle flips over because the driver fails to see the obstacle in front of him. This is the most common type of accident involving an SUV, and it leads to the most fatalities. Some of the drivers involved in these types of SUV rollovers may sustain serious or even life-threatening injuries because of the damage to the soft tissue of the head and neck area.

Sideswipe Collisions. Sometimes, SUVs will swerve into oncoming traffic in cases where there is not sufficient space to safely maneuver into a compact car. This can be especially dangerous because of the large mass of the vehicle itself, coupled with its large mass and high center of gravity. Drivers who are not experienced with these kinds of vehicles may react aggressively when they encounter another vehicle. Most of the time, these rollover accidents involve individuals who are operating small personal mobility scooters, golf carts, or low-riders.

Head-On Collision. When a vehicle rolls over backwards, it often hits the passenger side in what is known as a head-on rollover accident. Usually, it is the result of the driver of the vehicle not being able to see past the passenger side of the vehicle they are driving in.

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Rear end accidents. One of the most common causes for SUV rollover accidents is the occurrence of a rear end collision. Since SUVs have larger tires than smaller automobiles, they have more traction when they have come to a screeching halt. Unfortunately, it is common for the passenger of an automobile that has rolled over to hit a stopped SUV and suffer severe or life-threatening injuries. Because these types of accidents can be extremely dangerous, they must be carefully examined by law enforcement officials.