Different Types of Clothing

Clothing is useful things worn around the human body. Generally, clothing generally consists of textiles or garments, made from natural fibers or other natural materials found in the surroundings, and then put together over time. Clothing can be categorized further into three different groups – wearable clothing (which typically serve a utilitarian purpose), wearable clothing for fashion purposes, and costumes – clothing that are intended for entertainment, stage performances, etc. Below are a few examples of clothing.

The clothing we wear can be classified further. Underwear that is used to cover the genitals can be worn in public, but it is considered unsightly by most people. Wearing undergarments that cover only the genitalia is not necessarily unsightly, though some people may take offense to it. Costume clothes are outfits intended to make the wearer look like another character from a TV show, movie, or other media – costumes are usually designed with clothing from the same manufacturer so they will all match.


Another type of clothing that are not always classified as clothing, but more of an accessory, is the clothing worn to enhance the appearance of one’s figure. Clothes that are designed to increase the bust size of a woman, add skin folds to a woman’s body, or otherwise give her an enhanced form are all types of clothing worn to enhance one’s appearance. These are all called outerwear. Clothes that are designed to help prevent sickness in cold weather are called underwear. Apparel, on the other hand, is what a person would wear under their outer clothing to protect them, whether it is outerwear or otherwise.