Drug Abuse Treatment

The concept of drug abuse treatment is constantly changing due to new information and findings from scientific studies over the last three decades. Prior to the current information and studies, the treatment of drug abuse was quite limited and focused on intervention and punishment rather than prevention. The United States National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has reported that there is a 20% increase in drug abuse across the nation every year. Scientific research since the late-1990s shows that drug abuse treatment is very effective for many drug-using criminals, teens, and adults; reduces drug use and dependence on alcohol; and prevents drug abuse and addiction from returning. Detoxification therapy has also proven effective and is currently the only approved procedure in use for drug abuse treatment.

The goal of detoxification is to rid the body and mind of the addictive substances and encourage recovery. The length of detoxification varies greatly depending on the type of substance abused, severity of abuse, and the health of the individual. Generally, people spend three to ten days in the facility; however, many rehabilitation programs require less time. One of the major goals of an addiction treatment program is to help the individual to return to a normal lifestyle while restoring mental and physical health. An effective addiction recovery program will have a trained staff that understands how to offer emotional support and resources to help loved ones cope with the trauma and changes that occur when someone is living with drug abuse or alcoholism.

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An addiction treatment program should include therapies, medications, exercise, education about the disease, and support for family members and oneself. A good treatment should teach patients how to: manage withdrawal symptoms, find appropriate outlets for their energy, deal with cravings, develop healthy relationships, avoid drug use while in treatment, and get involved in their community. Treatment is not an easy road; however, it is a rewarding road. With proper medications, therapy, education, and treatment, a person can overcome their addiction and live a productive life.