How a Security Chauffeur Can Keep Your Company Safe

What is a Bodyguard and why would you need one? Bodyguards protect people and their assets from criminal activities. A Bodyguard is a trained professional who protects others at the request of a private person. Bodyguards carry out this service on behalf of their clients. A Bodyguard performs the following duties: driving/assisting, screening, and recovery/escaping. These duties are performed by Bodyguards on a daily basis.

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A Personal Security Chauffeur. A personal security chauffeur, also known as a limousine chauffeur, is quite different from a regular chauffeur. They possess close protection and driving skills which enable them to safely keep personal principals safe while they are on-board a vehicle. These individuals are professionally trained to make sure that there is no danger to the personal or the principal. The majority of bodyguards obtain an official certification after undergoing specialized driving courses.

What does a secure chauffeur do? A secure chauffeur will drive the client’s car while under the orders of the principal. The vehicle will be driven by the bodyguard at all times. This ensures that the bodyguard has the ability to stop the vehicle in an emergency. In the event of an emergency or other legal requirement, the bodyguard will pull over the client’s car, remain with the client, and react to any situation accordingly. Most often than not, a Bodyguard will follow the principals to the airport and wait for them to board the aircraft.

How do the close protection operatives operate? A majority of close protection operatives (CPSOs) are retired police officers. Many former cops operate within a private security firm or they may work through a corporation that hires on contract for corporate events.

The security chauffeur will provide three main services to their clients. They will pick up the client from the airport and provide a safe and secure transportation to their hotel. Secondly, the chauffeur will also drive the client to the event’s location. Thirdly, the secure transportation driver will drop the client off at the event’s exit point.

What benefits can I expect from my security chauffeur? Most important, working with a good quality firm will provide you with a trustworthy, courteous, and knowledgeable driver with a sound driving licence. A good driver will know where to find the exits for vehicles, where the parking facilities are located, and where the events are scheduled.

Who are the different types of security chauffeur operators? The three major types of bodyguard chauffeurs are: corporate/security, police, and bodyguard/escort. Corporate/security chauffeurs tend to have better skill sets than most other companies. They may have years of experience in the industry and a sound knowledge of modern security procedures. Corporate/security chauffeurs are also usually faster and more experienced than most bodyguards, making them valuable to companies who need to get their event underway quickly.

What are some tips to keep in mind when hiring security chauffeurs? Make sure that the company has the appropriate insurance and bonding and is fully licensed to provide driving services in your state. Hire security chauffeurs who use their experience and skills to make your event a memorable one.

You should ask if the company uses uniformed personnel or hires from a pool of diverse drivers. Security companies who opt for a driver bodyguards over individuals tend to be more experienced and have more critical skills. This can mean a shorter wait time for guests at the event because the driver bodyguards will know the best routes for arriving and departing the vehicle. This can also mean less crowded vehicles, which can be an advantage in other ways since a crowded vehicle can mean a long wait time.

A security vehicle can either be an all-inclusive vehicle, which means that all amenities are included, or a selective vehicle service, which can mean that amenities that aren’t offered in an all-inclusive vehicle are provided. A luxury vehicle is often provided as a standard with VIP packages, but you may be able to upgrade to a standard or semi VIP vehicle for an extra fee. Some VIP vehicles come equipped with additional perks such as satellite radio, TVs and in-car entertainment systems. If you’re going to a concert or similar event, you’ll want to make sure that your chosen security chauffeur is trained advanced driver bodyguards who are equipped with the proper gear.

Insurance is essential if you’re travelling, and in many countries it’s required by law, but you may not be covered adequately for your journey if you choose a non-VIP car. It’s recommended that you carry your driving licence along with you in case of any problems or accidents, but you should carry your driving licence and keep it safely stowed away in your vehicle at all times. If you do become involved in an accident while driving a private vehicle, it can be difficult and expensive to prove liability. It’s highly likely that you will be sued by the person or company whose car you hit, so you want to be prepared. Hire a professional security chauffeur who has years of driving experience and a comprehensive insurance portfolio, and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that if anyone is injured you’ve got the proof they need.

When you’re using a luxury vehicle, you also need to consider security issues. Some passengers may feel uncomfortable around security personnel, especially if you have a tinted windscreen which is a common affliction in the modern private car market. There’s nothing more annoying than being stuck at the back of the queue when you’ve paid over the odds to get into the first place, especially if it’s a movie star or other VIP guest. It’s important to ensure your security chauffeur has a certified driving licence as well as a bodyguard and a full list of his/her accessories and equipment including cameras, lights, GPS tracking and airbags.