Literature Search Engine – Examples of Literature Search Engines

A search database can be defined as a huge catalogue of the World Wide Web with reference information extracted from the search engines. This information is used to categorize, prioritize, and present the various contents of the database for the users. These databases are used by specialists in the fields of medicine, e-discovery, archeology etc to generate a comprehensive literature from the available information.

The literature search is a simple yet a very complex task because of its multiple requirements and applications. It is necessary to decide the database type, such as a text, abstract, or article according to the research problem. There are two types of databases; a text-only database which contains only texts and an article database that contain both texts and images. In this case, the literature search engine used must sort the databases to extract the relevant information from each set.

search database

After this, it is necessary to combine the data obtained from the different sets and form a coherent set of all the relevant information that can be used for answering the research question. The information extracted by the research question must be classified into relevant categories so that the literature search can be done effectively.

It is very important to sort and organize the data collected from the various sources so that a meaningful comparison could be made between the different studies undertaken. For instance, if there are two studies pertaining to the same research problem, it is necessary to compare their results and then come up with the conclusion that the first study was more effective than the other study.