New Inventors – The New Inventors on the TV Show

The New Inventors program was a popular Australian television series, which was aired on ABC1 and was hosted and comedian James O’Loghlin, also known for his stage shows. Each episode consisted of three new inventions and three short humorous video clips. These made for an entertaining show that was at times quite educational as well. It also showcased everyday people who created new inventions that would be on display for all to see. Many of the inventions were ones that were not too far off from the inventions made by the show’s hosts or even their own families. For example, one of the many videos featured was one that showed a father creating a snowplow and then a young boy riding in it.

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In this New Inventors segment, O’Loghlin frequently featured many new invention ideas that had been created by ordinary people just like him and his family and friends. The show was one that was more than just informative, but was also filled with humor and was at times educational as well. Many of the short funny clips featured everyday people that had invented something that would be of some use to someone else.

O’Loghlin and the team of producers on the show did a great job of ensuring that the show was interesting and had many bright and hilarious moments. It had many different characters talking about everyday things and also incorporated elements of science into the show as well. The New Inventors segment of the ABC1 show is still being seen on a regular basis. It is sure to continue to be a hit for years to come.