Regular water testing can help identify possible contaminants

Protect Your Family by Testing For Common Water Quality Problems

Water testing is a wide generalized description for a number of methods employed to test water quality in many regions. Every water supply is tested during the design of public water systems and some private water suppliers also perform water testing on a regular basis. Thousands of water quality tests are performed daily globally to keep continual security and meet regulatory guidelines. The major benefit of regular water testing is to provide long-term water safety and avoid large-scale water damage which can be very expensive and harmful to people and property. A lack of water testing will lead to costly improvements that could have been avoided, and the cost of such improvements could have been limited by the timely testing of water supplies.

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There are a number of water testing techniques that are applied worldwide. These include water sampling, point of use measurement, direct water testing, and water treatment plants as well as municipal water treatment facilities. Sampling and point of use measurement methods generally refer to the random collection of water samples at selected water sources over a prescribed period for quality assessment. Direct water testing uses a pump to supply water directly to an individual faucet, while point of use measurement uses a closed water system that delivers water to the specific appliance being tested. While point of use testing can provide quick results, it also has the potential to expose occupants of the home or building to a variety of harmful contaminants.

Regular water testing can help identify possible contaminants and keep your home or business well-equipped to avoid health risks. In areas where severe weather conditions are a concern, you may wish to have your water tested for flash floods and heavy rains. Contaminants can become present when ground water is turned over for agricultural purposes, industrial facilities and in hydropower generation. Home water filtering devices can remove contaminants from your tap water as well as offer other health benefits by removing dangerous contaminants like herbicides and pesticides.