Sanitizing Cleaning After Disinfection

Disinfection cleaning is the process of cleaning and sanitizing commercial, industrial, institutional or household areas in order to prevent the introduction of bacteria and viruses. The process of disinfection involves the removal of biological hazards, sanitation practices, equipment maintenance, and disposal of waste products. Some of the common disinfectants used include chlorine, bromine, hydrochloric acid, UV light, ozone, and dry compound. The major benefit of disinfection cleaning is that it reduces the risk of exposure to harmful pathogens and contaminants in the work place and at home. In addition to reducing the risks of exposure to these pathogens and contaminants, disinfection cleaning is designed to improve the visual appearance of the surfaces and to improve sanitation practices by removing unsightly stains and odors as well as promoting the growth of helpful bacteria.

While cleaning and sanitizing can be done on a regular basis throughout the year, disinfection cleaning must be done before and after each holiday season in order to effectively remove all the hidden germs that are found on surfaces throughout the office during this busy period. Germs, including those that may be hiding in your toilet paper, are a common feature of many holiday seasons. In fact, studies have shown that holiday season often brings an increase in the number of gastrointestinal illnesses that end up requiring hospitalization. While most workers are aware of germ-free environments that would be appropriate for their holiday photographs, many do not consider the potential dangers that can be present when the cleaning is not done prior to and after holidays.

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While there is no single solution that will address all of the issues related to germs and bacteria found in the kitchen or bathroom on a daily basis, sanitizing solutions can help reduce the number of potentially harmful microbes that are found. However, simply disinfecting does not go far enough. Along with making sure that the surfaces are properly cleaned, proper sanitation practices need to be put into effect throughout the entire home in order to ensure that there is no return of unwanted bacteria and germs during the rest of the holiday season. By making sure that all surfaces are thoroughly cleansed after cleaning, as well as following sanitizing practices, you will be able to ensure that your family has a safe and healthy holiday season.