Some Of The Most Popular Medical Inventions Of 2021

It is amazing how many medical inventions have been created in the last decade. From new bedsores to portable hand washing stations and even virtual reality, this decade was a hot one for medical inventions. With so many new inventions being created all the time, it seems that the world is constantly being put into the medical spotlight. And it doesn’t look like that will stop any time soon.

One of the most recent medical devices to be invented was the CT Scanner. This is a tool that helps doctors to find out if there is any type of abnormalities inside of a person’s body. Although it is still fairly new, the invention has already saved lives. Another great invention came from NASA. They announced that they had created a new technology that would allow people to see the inside of the human body using the heat from a CT Scanner. Although not all patients will be able to experience this technology due to its non-use in most hospitals at the moment, the technology is still incredibly impressive and could prove to be very helpful to those who might need it the most.


One of the more interesting medical inventions of the year was a tooth whitener. This new technology promises to help whiten anyone’s teeth and keep them that way without the use of bleach. Although the invention is still a bit off from being as widely used as the regular bleaching methods, it is an amazing technology that promises a bright white smile. Other medical devices were also invented, including a device that will allow anyone to speak with confidence, no matter how low their voice level.