How to Do a Bathtub Replacement

A bathroom is an important part of the house, and bathtub replacement can be done in a few simple steps. First, disconnect the drain from the wall. Next, use a prybar to lift the tub up and loosen it from the wall. If you have a galvanized metal pipe, use a channel lock plier to loosen it. You can also lubricate the fittings with penetrating oil to make them easier to remove.

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Measure the spout. The length should be measured from the nipple of the drain to the edge of the spout. If it is too deep for threads, you need to increase the length of the nipple. If you’re replacing the entire tub, you may have to cut a few pipes and install the new one. Once the replacement is complete, be sure to turn on the water supply, and make sure no leaks are present.

If you’ve been living with a leaky tub for a while, it may be time to consider a bathtub replacement. This DIY project will give you a new tub that will give you peace of mind for years to come. To make sure that your new tub is secure, you may want to purchase a home maintenance plan. This service will send a contractor to your home on a regular basis to take care of any issues that might arise.

To replace your bathtub, you’ll need to replace the spout. It’s important to take measurements from the nipple of the drain to the face of the wall. The spout should also be longer than the existing one, since the nipple might be too deep to accept threads. Once the tub has been replaced, you’ll need to reinstall the fixtures in the bathroom. After that, you’ll need to turn on the water supply, and check all of your pipes to make sure that they are not leaking.

After removing the old tub, the new one must be installed. Then, you need to remove the drain flange and the stopper. It’s important to make sure that the drain plumbing connects with the drain outlet in the wall. You can use a tub drain wrench for this purpose. Then, you can carefully place the new tub in the bathroom. Ensure that the new one fits well through the door. If all is well, you can then begin the replacement process.

After completing the bathtub replacement process, you’ll need to replace the drain nipple. You need to make sure that the new tub will fit into the space that’s currently available in your bathroom. You’ll also need to measure the dimensions of the old tub and the doorway of the bathroom. Once the drain is properly installed, you’ll need to reinstall the fixtures and the new bathtub. Then, you’ll need to test the water supply and check the water lines for leaks.