In order to understand what business cloud solutions

In order to understand what business cloud solutions are you first need to understand what business cloud services are not. Simply put, they are not stand alone computing devices that act as servers and do all the work behind the scenes without your input. Cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) is actually a transition from the previous requirement to have dedicated servers and hardware in place within your business in order to run applications, email and big data. By eliminating most of these common costs of keeping devices and servers in house you essentially pay less for the computing resources to keep everything running.

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The transition to business cloud services has been slow in coming, primarily because there hasn’t been a standard approach to developing and deploying business cloud solutions. Instead of a server or dedicated hosting server creating the software environment your business would use, cloud computing utilizes virtualization technologies to provide a generic system that can be customized for any application. Virtualization also allows you to take advantage of multi-tenancy in data centers as well as being able to reduce IT costs by avoiding licensing fees for applications that you aren’t using. Cloud providers such as Microsoft have already begun developing a number of clouds based on virtualization. Oracle is also working on its own cloud solution.

The primary goal behind business cloud services is to provide customers with a streamlined way to manage their data. The cloud environments created by these providers allow for a great deal of automation of the processes involved in maintaining and securing the information that comprises your business. You no longer need to maintain servers, have IT staff and maintenance professionals, or worry about the costs of multiple storage and hosting servers. The virtual nature of cloud services also means that the software and applications you need for managing your workloads can be obtained for free. This means that you don’t need to invest in them and can focus on increasing productivity instead.