Water Testing Kits for All Types of Homeowner Needs

Water testing is an overall broad description for many different methods utilized to test water quality in the home. There are many different ways to test the quality of your drinking water, from gas chromatography to reverse osmosis to ultraviolet spectroscopy. Thousands of water tests are performed every day to meet municipal safety requirements and to keep household safety at an acceptable level. If you want a sample of your water, most places have a convenient water testing kit that can be filled with water for the analysis.

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In the past, many people would carry around a bottle with them to test their water for any contaminants, or if they suspected that there might be some, would take the sample home. Today, most people can simply take a home water testing kit to their local office and get tested for a relatively small amount of chemicals or other microscopic entities. These kits are usually easy to use, only requiring that the collector be filled with water that has been distilled or purified. The test results will provide the homeowner with the parameters of what the maximum toxic or harmful levels might be. Once the levels have been determined, then a determination can be made as to what to do about it.

Some water testing kits may also include tests for pH, the acidity or alkalinity of the drinking water, the mineral content of the water and the concentration of naturally occurring chemicals or other foreign compounds. Depending on the type of kit that is purchased, a test for microscopic organisms can also be performed. Microorganisms pose no threat to humans, but testing for these tiny organisms can be important for understanding water chemistry and for avoiding potential contamination problems. Once all the water testing information is collected and analyzed, the homeowner will be able to make informed decisions regarding maintenance of his or her water system, as well as educate others about the importance of testing and how to test for a variety of contaminants.