The Family-Friendly Survival Minecraft Mode Servers

Minecraft has a vast amount of interesting elements that will keep the players staring at their computer screen for hours on a daily basis. And with such an expansive world, and almost endless possibility, there’s always a good reason to kill your leisure time to play this game with your family members.

Minecraft is universal. As you’ve purchased the game, you will have the right to tag along with your parents, grand parents, kids, and even grand kids to play together. It has also been a popular game for the younger players. As you tag along your kids to play minecraft, you will want to join with the servers that are safe and family-friendly. But before joining with any server, make sure you and your family members know the basics of survival mode in Minecraft.

The survival modes in the minecraft will give you and your family members a chance to meet with new friends across the globe. It is easy to find new friends from the same environment and arrange a team play in the survival mode. But before proceeding to play In the survival minecraft servers with your family, you will need to prepare these things first.

Have the ground rules and cover all of the basics
Make sure to check all of the rules of the survival minecraft servers and sum them up for your kids. Let them know the ground rules for the sake of their fun experience and safety.
It is also crucial to give an understanding about the dangers of sharing the personal information in the Minecraft platform. Limit the information about your kids to the world.
Many of these survival minecraft servers also do not allow their users to share their private information. Have the common grounds with your kids before proceeding.

survival minecraft servers

The whitelist servers

The family friendly survival minecraft servers come with several rules. While there are many servers to choose out there, only few that are coming with the whitelisting actions. What does it mean then? The survival minecraft servers that come with whitelisting consist of white listed players who have been screened before joining with the site.

So, as the new users of the servers, you will need to fill out the form or application to inform the hosts that you are not bots. For kids, the parent emails are required to be accepted. These servers are regularly moderated and updated so it won’t take a long time until your applications get accepted.


SMP is the abbreviation of the Survival Multiplayer. This is the mode that is played by the Minecraft users who are connecting to the center of Minecraft server. With the SMP, you can interact with other users in one universe.

This feature is very important to play the collaboration or cooperation with your family members in Survival. SMP is also a good feature to conduct the PVP mode. Make sure that the survival minecraft servers have the SMP feature in it along with the other crucial plugins for the survival mode.
Survival mode is an evergreen play in Minecraft. It has always been the reason to come back and forth in the survival mode.