Easy Tips For Creating a Boring Green Salad

Are you tired of the same old boring and usual green salads that you see every day? With a few easy and quick changes to your recipes, you can change it up and make a salad that is sure to spark a little more interest. For starters, change things up and use different types of greens instead of what you are used to having. lettuce and spinach are two good options for base plants, but you can expand on these by using spinach leaves as well as romaine lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, turnips, cress, green onions, cabbage, parsley, kale, and even bok choy. By incorporating more of these kinds of ingredients, you can add more taste to your greens and make it a salad that is enjoyable to eat.

If you have some spinach on your salad or any kind of green salads in general, you can throw it in with your other greens to give it a bit of zing. You might also want to try adding arugula to your salads too. A small piece of arugula mixed into a mix of spinach, turnip leaves, and other greens can be a delicious way to enhance the taste of your greens. And you will not even notice the extra fiber that you are getting because the arugula is there to act as a filler.


Another quick and easy fix for a boring green salad is to toss in some roasted chicken (smaller pieces of chicken tend to cook faster and more thoroughly) along with your greens. This will give your dish a much needed boost and will be healthy enough for lunch the next day. Try serving this meal with a pasta sauce that uses cream cheese instead of milk. Also, be sure that you have enough baked beans on hand because a great and healthy side dish to this meal is baked beans. Any type of bean will do but try to go with something with a little more flavor to draw people in and keep them coming back for more. A green salad can be simple but with some variety, it can become delicious and something that people will actually enjoy eating.