PowerPoint tutorial will teach you three basic rules to help

The PowerPoint tutorial will teach you three basic rules to help you to create impressive PowerPoint templates and unique presentation! These are the rules that will guide you and are the foundation of a success in PowerPoint presentations. Let’s get started!

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1. Size

Your PowerPoint slides are typically size 10-inches (width) * 7.5 inches (height). You can resize them to 12*7.5. In an PowerPoint document, then go into Design > Page Setup. If your slides are 12 inches in width or greater, you’ll be more flexible and have the capability to better arrange the contents on the slides.

2. Typography

The fonts you choose to use can either be the difference between a successful or a failed PPT presentation.

I would suggest that you choose one font for your slides of content. My default font myself is Calibri It’s contemporary and safe. Helvetica as well as Century Gothic are great options as well. You can choose a different font for your cover slide as well as slides’ headings. Make sure that the additional font you choose is unique and easily read. Make sure you take care of the comfort and visual appeal of your audience.

For all of your slides make sure to ensure that the font size is big. If you plan to present your PowerPoint presentation in an open presentation or not. In the first place, you’ll improve the comfort of your audience. It’s also a good practice to develop efficient presentation skills since you’ll have to master how to organize your the content. Personally, I use at least 20 points for major parts as well as 14-18 for parts that are less important. To make comments on charts or graphics 12, should be the maximum. If you do have a number of things to write down remember that you don’t have to write everything down to convey important information. Keep it simple. People are engaged. There is less to do.

Font Squirrel is my favorite source of high-quality, FREE and user-friendly fonts. To install the latest fonts on your PC: On your desktop, download the font archive, then click Start > Control Panel > Fonts > Copy the font files.

3. Color Scheme

I would suggest using two or three colors. In all your slides of content, you should use black for the text (in the case of a black background your background for your PowerPoint must be light grey or white) and utilize two additional colors to highlight key phrases, figures or keywords. The colors chosen must be clear as well as contrasted with one another and also with each other and with your PowerPoint background.

You’re not feeling inspired or looking for the right colors to go together? Try Kuler Adobe’s amazing tool for creating color schemes. It’s completely free and allows you to select among hundreds of pre-designed schemes.

How Business Presentation Design Can Help Improve Business Communication

When you outsource the job of creative design for business presentations, you are not giving up total control of the content of the presentations and sales pitches. Instead, you are taking a positive step toward enhancing the professionalism of the automated presentations used to make handouts, communicate ideas, and illustrate the main points you are trying to make. There is a long and rich history of business presentation design. In fact, the history of business card design dates back to the 15th century when it was discovered that adding attractive images to business cards helped the readers remember the main points more easily. Today, simple designs like images and clipart have become part of the standard designs that professional business presentation designers use in business card templates as well as business presentation folders and brochures.

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The slides must be visually captivating. You can get a lot of information across by showing the slides while reading the text or by reading the slides after watching the video. The presentation should be visually simple and appealing. There is no need to use fancy graphics or animation on the slide. Instead, choose a simple layout that draws the viewer’s eye to the main point and uses text to support the major points.

Good Business Presentation Design is Based on Visual Communication Good business presentation design relies on good visual communication to help communicate the main idea to the audience. You do not need fancy graphics or animation to get your point across. All you need to do is keep the message simple, clear and organized. The visual communication must stand out so that your message is clearly understood. The audience will then understand why you made the presentation in the first place.