Things to consider when your car breaks down on the highway

When you are having a dangerous traffic accident or simply breaking down on the road, you may sink into two choices, between contacting a towing company or contacting your insurance. If you are thinking about contacting your insurance provider and you may have called them several times a year, they could be judging you as a risky customer. So be careful and wise about when to contact your insurance company. You can choose to contact a towing company to help you remove the car from the middle of the road and bring it to the repair shop. And contacting a towing company is also one solution if you happen to help your friend who happens to have no insurance to get out of a difficult situation halfway through. If it turns out that this bad incident really happened to you, then you should follow these steps before calling a towing company:
1. If possible, push your car onto the right shoulder and turn on your hazard lights.
2. Take emergency breaks in the car.
3. Still in the vehicle, you may immediately call the towing company for assistance.
4. Contact your family and close friends to let them know your current condition.
5. If anyone stops to help, it is highly recommended to politely decline them. (Unless you really know they sincerely want to help you) Because in some cases, it seems they want to help you but it only puts you in danger (wolf in sheep’s clothing). Because you never know, it’s better to stay safe than to regret it later.

By following these recommended steps, you will be sure to stay safe until help from the towing company arrives. If you happen to have only minor problems on the road such as your car breaking down and your friend happens to have a mechanic who can fix your vehicle right away, you may not need to call a towing company because your friend helps you right away. But there are some situations where you should still call a towing company such as:

tow truck

1. Your vehicle won’t start.
If your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road, and by chance a friend who understands the engine helps you immediately, maybe you shouldn’t be confused about this problem. But if your friend turns out to be taking a long time to fix your car, it’s a good idea to contact an Anaheim towing company to come help you tow your vehicle to a safe place or to the garage where your friend works.

2. Runs out of gas halfway through.
Maybe you were negligent or your gas meter happened to have an error so that your car ran out of gas on the way. You may think about walking to the gas station, but leaving your car alone unattended is not a good idea, especially if your car has stalled in a dangerous area or away from a gas station. Call the towing company rather than risking your life or your car.

3. Car Accidents
This is something that is hoped never happened to you, but a car accident could have happened because of your negligence or someone else’s. Let an experienced towing company take your car to the repair shop, and you can ask for an estimate of the cost of repairing your car to give to your insurance provider.