The Most Favorite Anti-Heroes Characters in Anime Series

Just like any other stories, your favorite anime comes with the good and the bad guys. But what makes us most interested in some acts is the attendance of the anti-heros characters that always challenge us to guess the direction of the plot.

Anti-heroes characters might have their own agenda in the entire series. But their intent is mysterious. their intention is not necessarily about ruling the world. On the contrary, they strongly hold on their own principles and deeds. Who is your favorite anti-hero character in the anime? See our list for inspiration.

Captain Harlock

Captain Harlock has been known as the person who fights for non sake. He just follows his impulses and does not listen to other people. The cool character of Captain Harlock always impresses all of the viewers.

Saitama was only a loser. After getting lessons from his past, he is pretty determined to strengthen himself so that no one would want to lay a finger on him anymore. He used unusual methods to train his body and mind. As a result, he lost all of his hair. But no pain no gain. Thanks to his rigorous training and efforts, he has a special ability that no other heroes can have: knocking out his opponent with just a single punch. While other superheroes have the objective to make the world a better place to live. Saitama does this only to kill his boredom. He wears a hero’s cloak for the wrong reasons. But this is what makes him an interesting anti-hero character to admire.

Luffy and Friends

The Straw Hat Pirates have big bounties to follow them as one of the most wanted pirates in the universe. Not only Luffy, all of the crews in his ship have earned the antihero reputations around the world. No matter which side you choose, you don’t want to be the opposite side of Luffy’s team.

Sebastian Michaelis

From the start of the series, we know that Sebastian Michaelis is a mysterious person. We always get tempted to guess which side he chooses. Is he really serving Ciel Phantomhive, or perhaps is he having a hidden agenda? Spoiler alert though. He is a demon in human clothing that Ciel bartered his soul in exchange for loyalty and services.

Anime Characters

The only harness that prevents him from being a beast is his loyalty to Ciel.

Spike Spiegel

Spike Spiegel is one of the most controversial characters from Cowboy Bebop anime series. Cowboy Bebop is often themed as the intergalactic pirates and mercenaries activities. Spike is the reformed criminal and becomes a bounty hunter after running from Red Dragon Syndicate. Spike definitely has such good and bad pasts.When we follow the series, we know the ups and downs there to challenge Spike to choose between the protagonist and antagonist sides.

Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto is definitely one of the most influencing characters in the series alone because he is the long best friend and rival of the main character. He spent his entire time with team 7 to focus on vengeance against his older brother, only to find that Itachi was Konoha’s shadow hero later on. He tried to become more powerful to take down Konoha village as well as his rival buddy, Naruto.