The Need for Assessors to Write Examinations

Examination Management Services Incorporated is a full service provider of employee screening and certification services. The company offers pharmacy support, clinical support, risk management services, medical on site support, and audit services to private, public, and third party employers. The company offers high-quality, cost effective, employee screening and training programs, continuing education programs, and development programs for pharmacy technicians. The company provides training and development associates for many courses including pharmaceutical calculations, drug transfer calculations, and other calculations necessary in the preparation and documentation of drug related documents. The company also provides training for new pharmacy employees.

The company works as an accredited vendor to the American Society of Clinical Pathologists, American Medical Security Association, American Podiatric Medical Association, American Association for Nursing Practice, and the National Practitioner Drug Council (NAPCD). It also participates in the Certification Program for the Accreditation of Pharmacy Technicians (CPA). The examination management system was developed by Bill Lait, Ph.D., a former employee of the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

The program is designed to assist pharmacists in providing quality and consistent patient care through knowledge of anatomy, physiology, diagnostic procedures, and practice management. It covers areas such as human physiology, medical terminology, basic sciences, adverse effects and safety, pharmacy law, laboratory technique and procedure, ethics, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, medical terminology, physiology, medical terminology, medical treatments and medications, reimbursement procedures, recordkeeping/bookkeeping, insurance claims processing, pharmacy administration and management, patient education and counseling, marketing and advertising, and supervisory duties.

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Examination Management Services Incorporated is a nationally recognized company providing pharmaceutical assistance to employers in the areas of employee screening, pharmaceutical consultation, and medical onsite support. The company offers both onsite and offsite support to meet the needs of both employers and employees. It provides high quality, affordable and reliable examination management systems. These include complete audit, certification and licensing programs to achieve both onsite and remote supervision. The company offers continued training to keep employees updated on the latest examination management systems, including the PMI Pro System.