The truth is that everyone deserves to be celebrated for our individuality

I’m a big proponent of celebration because of the reasons listed within the query. It’s just nice to take a moment from our hectic lives to acknowledge, “Hey, job well done!”

My opinion is that we don’t have enough time to celebrate. We rush from one task, project or goal, without any break or a breath. We wonder what’s wrong with us Why are we so exhausted? !

In addition to boosting confidence and motivation-inducing, celebration is a positive , uplifting energy elixir. It’s more effective than any five-hour energy-boosting beverage.

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However, while it’s an excellent method of recharging however, I can also appreciate the bragging and thumping. It’s true I was worried about the same issue until I made the following conclusion…

In the first place, I have no control over what other people believe. I have never had and never will. It’s a difficult concept to accept however it’s the truth.

Some things to think about…

If someone is opposed to your celebrations of wins I would like to urge you to think about the possibility that it’s possible that their objection has nothing to do with them and has nothing to be related to your own. Perhaps they would like to have a party too However, they might have the same issues that you do. If you are celebrating you can become an example to them and for others. Additionally, you will can have a blast.

Second, recognizing my own successes doesn’t mean I have to declare it loudly. (Unless I’m inclined to naturally.) I can celebrate my victory in my own private manner. For instance, I could write in my journal of my victory and recognizing my efforts, and then gifting my self a spa treatment or manicure/pedi. Once, I opened champagne in a bottle and enjoyed a glass of champagne and toasted myself for an excellent job. Nothing involved anyone else , other than me and I enjoyed myself!

The final and possibly most important realization demanded some hard questions.

Was it due to what other people might be thinking?

What was actually getting out of the way, especially when my celebration didn’t need to be inclusive of other people?

The real story… I felt uncomfortable celebrating me since I didn’t think I deserved to be celebrated. Enter a BIG BOLDFACE lie.

When I was able illuminate the lie I committed to prove that lie false. I ELECTED. I was able to celebrate the small, moderate, and the major victories, even though it felt uncomfortable. Yes, the initial couple of times were uncomfortable, but the more I celebrate , the more fun I am having.

To be honest I’m a huge fan of celebrations and I’m so happy I do. I am happy when I get the attention of a new customer, after a course I’ve given succeeds or I’ve successfully completed the task. I might not be celebrating with a grand and extravagant ways, but I do make it a habit of taking some time to praise me on my back to acknowledge all the positive things I’ve accomplished.

Celebration is a key part of my job and my personal wellbeing. In addition, I wouldn’t be able to ask anyone or any one of my customers to be happy without doing it myself.

My dear friends, the truth is that everyone deserves to be celebrated for our individuality, the work we are and the incredible talents and talents we can bring into the universe. To be honest, blowing our own horns is great for business, and it’s great for our personal well-being and health, and it’s good for our souls.

Take the time to be happy every chance you get , even if it’s just today! Keep in mind that it’s your own personal choice whether or how you’re celebrating , so don’t let other people’s opinions to stop you from doing what is healthy for you!