Types of Oxygen Analyzers

Oxygen analyzers are instruments that measure oxygen concentrations in gases and/or liquids. These special instruments are used extensively in the medical field as well as in the industrial, manufacturing, environmental and scientific communities. There are many different types of oxygen analyzer instruments. Some of the most common ones include:

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An oximeter is a useful oxygen analyzer instrument that is used to determine the amount of oxygen in a specific gas or liquid. An oximeter is designed to continuously measure the oxygen concentration in a particular liquid or gas by using a probe connected to a sensor that sends out an infrared signal when its probe is subjected to a high temperature. The infrared light passes through the sample and the amount of light emitted depends on the type of gas in question (i.e. solid, semi-solid, or gaseous).

A combustion analyzer measures the amount of carbon monoxide, commonly referred to as carbon monoxide, present in a working combustion chamber. These analyzers are very useful for the detection and monitoring of faulty fuel systems as well as for the measurement of oxygen in the smoke emitted from burning fuel. This type of analyzer also measures the amount of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and other gasses present in a working combustion chamber. Some of the best-selling and most widely used combustion analyzers are: