Understanding Indian English Newspapers Like The Business Standard

Business Standard is an Indian English Hindi daily newspaper published by Business Standard Private Limited. The company, which is listed in the Bombay stock exchange, was set up in 1998 with a sole purpose to market and distribute news in India. Initially, it exclusively published news related to BPO, or business process outsourcing, and started offering newspapers in English. Today, Business Standard India is one of the top-selling newspapers in India. Today, the company is committed to providing the best quality newspapers, magazines, news on travel, information on entertainment, and a variety of other topics to readers of all cultures and communities.

Besides newspapers, magazines, and news, Business Standard prides itself on the work of its freelance journalists. Many of the newspapers that are published in the Business Standard’s magazine are written by senior journalists who have worked with the publication for years. There are several senior journalists who have worked with the publication since it first began. They have gone through many levels at the publication, from being floor reporters to becoming columnists. These journalists not only have the knowledge of the business world, but they also understand the human side of the business. Many of the senior editors at Business Standard India have also worked with some of the world’s top brands.

Whether you want to read Indian English newspapers like The Business Standard, Padmanabhapuram, Organon, Kolkata Times, and Consumer Daily, or International newspapers like The New Age, Asian Headlines, and Business Times, you can find them at Business Standard’s website. At the website, you will also find a number of resources, including news alerts, a newsletter, and free ezines. In addition to news and reviews, you can also register for the company’s virtual journal, which will keep you updated on all the activities within the company. You can also view the company profiles to see previous and present executives, and see how they contribute to the editorial pages.