Updates to SEO News in October

In this article, I’m going to go over the August 21st updates to Google SEO and specifically link building for social networks. In the last month, Google has made several changes to how they display page names in the natural search results, and most SEO enthusiasts are up in arms about it. However, that’s not all that took place this month. There was also a lot of SEO news in July and as always, resident online masters Joost and Jono talked all about it in their monthly webinar.

seo news

At the end of July, Google released a new program called Scada. It is basically an algorithm that Google has used to determine what search engine land pages should rank higher versus pages that are just ranking on page one. This is the major update that everyone was waiting for. Even with the big change, there were still several SEO news items to talk about in late August. Some SEO gurus were happy with the updates while others were not so happy and said that Google was taking too long in releasing its update and it was going to affect rankings.

Google released another update in September that seemed like more of the same as the previous updates, but then it started changing again. What it did was increase the minimum quality score required in order to rank high in the search engines. So now you have to work much harder to get ranked at the top. There were still plenty of SEO news items to discuss in October, including a new blog post that brought about several changes to how the Google search engines are looking at page name quality score for search engine optimization.