Using Ninja Star and Other Ninja Tactics in Combat

The ninja star feng shui concept is centered on the idea that any object placed in or around a building or home should be one that is reflective of the ‘owner.’ In the case of the ninja star feng shui concept, this would mean a small object should be situated right behind the bed or sitting room table, or any other place where the owner spends the majority of their time. The premise behind this is that as the ninja’s objective was to be stealthy, they would not reveal their every move or their every intention, so it is important to hold places of power and authority in the form of objects that would not be easily spotted or exposed.

ninja star

A ninja star is also a Japanese hidden weapon which was utilized as a concealed weapon or as a metsubishi, to distract or disorient their opponents long enough for them to get the kill. A ninja star or a torii in Japanese was a small sword or weapon made of wood, with some type of handle guard. They were carried on the user’s belt with the kama attached to it. Some also had small blade attachments.

The concept of the ninja carried their weapons in a concealed fashion, usually performed with great speed and in great stealth. Their attacks could be either single strikes or a series of throws, which were made from an array of throwing stars, chisels, and small tools. The strikes would normally come in the form of quick slashes, but the attacks could be made at extremely high speeds as well. The technique was supposedly used not only by the Japanese military, but also by the Chinese military as well during many conflicts. The use of ninja stars and other types of ninja weaponry was often practiced by the Japanese during special occasions like tournaments or battles, but it was the American soldiers who adopted the use of such weaponry and techniques of concealed weapons during World War II that made it more popular in the United States than ever before.