Warsaw is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Poland

Although not as populated as some of its European neighbors, Warsaw nevertheless stands out as a significant cultural center of the country. The Polish capital also serves as the main gateway to the rest of Eastern Europe. This ancient city is a great tourist attraction, which has been listed in UNESCO’s register of world heritage sites.

Warsaw is probably the largest city and second largest metropolis of Poland. The metropolitan city stands on the river Vistula in west-central Poland and the total population is 1.8 million people in a larger metropolitan area. This makes Warsaw one of the biggest cities in the world with regard to population and is a thriving holiday destination for tourists from across the globe.

A large proportion of the city’s population is Catholic Christians and many visitors to Warsaw are attracted by the sights and sounds of St. Stephen’s Cathedral as it relates to Polish history. This cathedral was destroyed during World War II and yet it stands proudly on the site today where it was destroyed. Another good thing about this church is that the current rebuilding work is creating an even bigger addition to this famous site which is considered to be the best places to visit in Warsaw.

Warsaw is also home to a considerable number of museums. This can be seen in two distinct ways. Firstly, visitors who want to take in some Polish culture may find that the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art will interest them. Here, the visitors are able to view some of the most popular art works from different parts of the world and perhaps some of the best examples of twentieth century art.

Secondly, there is also a place of interest in the city. This is located under the flypasting bridge over the river Marsis and is appropriately called the flypasting museum. This is a large collection of aircraft from different periods in Polish history. There is a display of aircraft that have been manufactured in the city and visitors can also view historical aircraft such as the bomb planes that were used during the World War II. In addition to this, the museum also contains other objects such as swords, cannons, rocket propelled grenades and even bicycles! So, if you have a passion for military hardware then you may want to consider visiting this place.

The third place that is considered to be one of the best places to visit in Warsaw is Cerkno. This is a small market town that has a picturesque Old Town within it. The Cerkno Old Town Square is often referred to as a European Street and this is where many tourists come to spend their time while visiting Warsaw. It is also a great place to go shopping as there are a lot of shops selling unique Polish items such as trinkets, pottery and clothing.


The fourth and final best place to visit in Warsaw is Warsaw itself. Visiting Warsaw will give tourists a chance to see the most photographed place in Poland as well as the largest urban centre in Eastern Europe. There are a variety of sights that can be witnessed here and all types of tourist groups to visit this beautiful city. There are sightseeing tours, cultural programmes, family attractions, museums and even a theater!

Warsaw has been one of the most important cities in Eastern Europe for many centuries. This beautiful city offers a lot to anyone who visit it and one of the best things is that there is something for everyone! It is no wonder that tourism is thriving in Warsaw. If you are planning to visit Warsaw, be sure to add Warsaw to your list of places to see in Poland!