What Does Cloud Based Solutions Mean?

What does cloud based solutions mean? In simple terms, a service provider offers computing resources to customers via the Internet. Today, most people use online computer services such as email, social network, web browsing, shopping, entertainment and so forth. These services are offered by different service providers and not all of them offer the same services. For instance, some web hosting service providers offer gaming websites while others offer social network sites; both of them are under the category of cloud computing.

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Cloud based solutions come in two forms, on demand and off-demand. On demand is when a user requests a service from an Internet host. For instance, let us say that Bill Gates visited Microsoft’s website and paid for an on-demand web hosting plan. Once he got his service, he could use it anytime and anywhere as long as there is an available Internet connection. Off-demand is the opposite of on-demand where the customer uses a service from a certain company only as and when he needs it.

However, despite the difference in the two types of cloud based solutions, both have their own advantages. Off-demand web hosting has more security and redundancy as compared to on-demand because the server is not shared by many users. On the other hand, cloud based solutions on the other hand offer greater flexibility and higher security. Therefore, one can say that Cloud computing has made life easier by making everything automated and less costly.