What Is a Windrower?

A windrower, or water, is an agricultural implement which forms into a windrow or cut crop and cuts small grain or hay fields. “Swatter” is typically the North American terminology for them. In Australia and many other places around the world, they’re known as “windrows”. These machines are often used in both the production and the transportation of grain. This small hand-operated machine can be operated manually or electronically.

There are two types of windrow machine: those which are self-propelled and those which are towed behind other machinery. Self-propelled windrows are more widely used in the production of ethanol and wheat. These windrows are not only used for cutting large quantities of grain but are also used for grinding and polishing sugar canes. Towing the self-propelled windrower is much easier than using the tractor, wagon, mower, etc. that’s needed to pull or push it.

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As far as the size of a swatter is concerned, it depends on how much you want to get rid of and how much you want to grow. A swatter is generally manufactured in a horizontal shape (longer axis) to allow you to cover more ground in less time and in an efficient way. A single swatter can be used to harvest a lot of hay and is considered an economical solution for small-scale rural farming. However, if you need to clear large areas of land quickly, then a two-rotor or even three-rotor swatter with a spinning blade is better.