What is Outpatient Alcohol Treatment?

What exactly is Outpatient Alcohol Treatment? Outpatient alcohol treatment provides patients with a structured, stable environment in which they receive constant support and care. Outpatient alcohol treatment centers allow patients to get consistent care from a qualified medical staff while they receive therapy for their alcohol addiction disorder (AUD). Treatment centers offer the same high quality care that you would receive at an inpatient treatment facility, but the primary difference is that a patient only receives treatment while he or she is not in the hospital. Outpatient treatment is ideal for people who cannot attend in-patient treatment due to various reasons, including work or family responsibilities.

What treatment options are available for people suffering from alcoholism problems? Treatment options may include social and psychological counseling, medications, and detoxification. Medications used in alcohol treatment include antidepressants and antipsychotics to treat both the physical symptoms of alcohol abuse and psychological symptoms such as depression and anxiety. When combined with counseling, medication can help patients decrease cravings and withdrawal symptoms that may occur when alcohol is not drinking. A mental health professional may recommend medication or recommend alternative treatments such as herbal supplements or bioidentical hormones for menopause women.

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Is it safe to seek professional help if I’m a heavy drinker? If you are an alcoholic and you have had a history of relapses, you should speak with your doctor about the benefits of seeing a specialist in the field of alcohol treatment. Your doctor will assess your health and determine if you are a good candidate for inpatient treatment. Some health professionals refer individuals to an addiction specialist if a person has had several relapses or is suffering from a severe alcohol problem.