What to Do After a Car Accident

The most important things to do after a car accident would be to remain calm, call 911 when anyone is injured, and stay away from oncoming traffic once everyone has been safely away from the scene. Then you should collect information regarding the other driver’s insurance information, witness information, and pictures and documents pertaining to the accident, as well as the other drivers’ insurance info. If the other driver has a cell phone or any sort of handy electronic device that could help them give you this information, then that would be great. You should also collect information about the cars (and drivers) involved, the weather conditions at the time the accident took place, and any relevant paperwork. At this point you may have all of the information you need.

After you gather all of the necessary paperwork and information you can either go to the scene or to your auto insurance company’s place of business. If you decide to go to the scene you should do so with as much preparation as possible so you don’t make things worse for yourself by mumbling about what happened and trying to remember any of the pertinent information you came across at the scene. If you go to the auto insurance company’s place of business, you may want to make sure you talk to one of their customer service agents. They should be able to give you some direction about the rest of the claims process.

The first thing the agent will likely suggest is that you take a few minutes to gather your thoughts. This is critical because it’s impossible to think clearly after being in a car accident and being hit by multiple vehicles. It’s very easy to get sidetracked and lose focus of the entire situation. Try to get as calm as possible and try not to think about what happened. Concentrate on getting medical attention if necessary and remembering what occurred after the automobile accident takes place.

If you are taken to the hospital, your medical bills will likely top several thousand dollars. You may want to seek out private medical care in order to avoid paying these kinds of expenses. You may also want to contact your insurance company and see if they have any special deals for paying medical bills related to car accidents. You can often lower your premiums by simply improving your health due to your state of being in an accident.

When you arrive home or have your emergency lights turned on, it’s important to remember to promptly call the police. If you are uninjured, stay where you are and call the police with your cell phone. If you are injured, do not attempt to drive yourself to the scene or attempt to treat any of the injuries yourself. It’s vital to seek professional medical attention for yourself and ask for the best possible medical care for your injured or critically injured family member.

things to do after a car accident

Once you get home, it’s important to take pictures of the car and the accident scene. Take pictures of the damage done to your vehicle. Take pictures of the injured persons and their wounds. You will need these pictures to prove that you were not the cause of the accident and that the other party is at fault. Pictures are often vital when you go to court to prove liability.