What To Expect From A Detox Treatment

Also commonly known as detoxification, and more commonly known as simply detox, is simply the removal of harmful toxic materials out of the human body. Often mistaken to be a full-blown rehabilitation program, drug detox or alcohol detoxification is usually the first step on an alcohol or drug rehab program. It may also be the only step; depending upon the severity of an individual’s addiction. It requires that an individual cease consumption of alcohol and drugs and not take anymore than is required to achieve and maintain a clean state of being. There are several methods used for detox but all require that an individual completely stops using the substance in question, before commencing the detoxification process.

Methods of detoxification vary from individual to individual and can even vary depending on the substance of choice. Commonly used methods of detoxification include intravenous drug detoxification (IDD), in which certain drugs are injected directly into the body to induce complete detoxification; oral prescription detoxification (OTD), where a drug is ingested by taking prescription drugs that are controlled substances; and inhalation drug detox (IIDH), wherein drugs are inhaled in order to achieve IIDH.

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Although any of these methods can work, it is noteworthy that in some cases, especially with alcoholism or drug addiction, the substance being detoxified may still be present in the body, or may even be in a drug-like form. In these cases, it is imperative that additional measures be taken to ensure safety during detoxification. This can be achieved in many ways, including:

Detox treatment is a highly recommended part of any drug rehab treatment plan, as it not only assists in the withdrawal process, but also significantly advances a patient’s overall health and wellness. Not only does it remove substances from the human body, but it also gives patients the tools necessary to prevent drug addiction from occurring in the future. However, detoxification must be undertaken under professional care, especially in cases such as alcoholism and drug addiction. For this reason, it is always recommended that individuals undergoing detoxification undergo medical treatment beforehand. This will provide them with information and assistance, as well as the tools necessary for them to successfully detoxify.