What You Should Know Before Buying Diamond Jewelry

One of the first things that you should know before buying a diamond ring is its cut. A round diamond is the most popular cut, but there are several shapes that you can choose from. The most common shapes are princess, heart, oval, and pear. When purchasing a ring, consider the shape of the stone to determine its value. A fancy cut is the most expensive type of diamond. A flaw in a diamond is called a feather, which makes it look like a bird’s wing.


The diamond cut should emphasize the face-up appearance of the stone. The girdle is the upper part of the stone, while the pavilion is the lower portion. When it comes to the face-up appearance, the diamond will have needles or pinpoints. A symmetrical stone will be bright and scintillating. Moreover, it will have a high brilliance. In general, a VS diamond will be bright and have a brilliant luster.

While a VVS diamond is considered to be the most brilliant stone, the VS is the most affordable. It has a very slight inclusion, which can be mistaken for tiny needles or pinpricks. Its symmetry is not impacted by the inclusions and blemishes, which make it very expensive. A VS diamond will appear white and beautiful and will have a greater worth than an SI one.

The face-up appearance of the diamond is important because it is a representation of the overall beauty of the stone. This girdle reflection is a crack or a feather, depending on the proportions of the stone. The size of this inclusion is proportional to the girdle thickness. Similarly, polishing is an important consideration in a diamond’s cut. Its finish is smooth, while symmetry provides brightness and scintillation.

In addition to being a beautiful stone, a diamond also conveys many other messages. Wearing a diamond ring is a way to express your feelings. It will make any statement you make look elegant and sophisticated. A ring with a diamond in it is the ultimate symbol of wealth and prestige. If you want to purchase a ring with a diamond, you’ll want to consider the clarity and cut of the gemstone.

The cut of the diamond is also a major factor when choosing a ring. For instance, a ring made of platinum can be a good choice for an individual with a more modest budget. Its facets are smaller than the diamond’s body, which makes it easier to make a statement. A ring with a large stone will stand out, and a diamond with a thin band will look more attractive.

A diamond with a white or transparent hue is considered to be the most desirable. A diamond is made of carbon, but the absence of nitrogen makes it appear yellow or brownish. Fortunately, most white diamonds are transparent. A black or blue diamond may be blue or yellow, but a diamond with a brownish hue is more rare and costly. GIA has developed a system for grading white-diamonds. The GIA uses a standard set of natural diamonds of a known color grade to assign a grade to a given stone.