Why Is A Door Gap Gauge So Important?

If you are like me you have used door gauges at some point when you have needed to replace some hardware on your door for some reason or another. But have you ever stopped to think what the purpose of a door gauge really is? Well there are many reasons for having a door gauge on your front door, but in this article we will talk about just one of them. The reason I am saying this is because of the door gauge’s ability to prevent your doors from remaining in good shape for a long time. Here is how it works.

The only way to really know whether your door is fine is to install a door gauge on each of your doors and simply make certain that the bottom edge is flat against the door. Although many experts today do their work quite well, you may still have issues with your doors in the future, such as a door gap at the bottom that is too low or too high for the door itself. Door gauge monitors door heights and can help you determine if something could be going wrong with the door before any damage occurs to the door itself. So, if you have just replaced your springs or other hardware or have just put in a new lock or handle, it is always a good idea to put a door gap gauge in place.

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I have been raving about door gap gauges for years and have never seen a single repairman who does not use them on a daily basis. Many people will go through the trouble of installing them themselves, as they offer a very cost effective way of keeping track of the door openings and closing. But if you happen to be a professional locksmith, locksmiths in general, or a residential masonry company, it is recommended that you get a door gap gauge for all of your doors at all times. After all, there is nothing more important than ensuring that your property and loved ones are safe from potential dangers, no matter what type of door you have or where it is installed.