Why Use an Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaner

Ultrasonic is sound waves whose frequency is higher than the range of the human ear in general or greater than 18 kHz. As time goes by, ultrasonics are widely used in many applications ranging from cleaning gear gears and valves and engine parts, especially carburetors. Land Rover Bar also recommends using an ultrasonic carburetor cleaner as your carb cleaner. Maybe you do not know what ultrasonic cleaner is, we will discuss the following why ultrasonic carburetor cleaners are recommended.

1. The main components of the ultrasonic cleaning system
– Ultrasonic generator. This component uses available electrical energy and then converts the voltage and frequency into large ones which are then used to activate the transducer.
Ultrasonic Transducer. Its function is to convert electrical signals into sound waves. Furthermore, sound waves will be pushed through the fluid to create cavitation / scrubbing force commonly used in ultrasonic cleaners.
Ultrasonic tank. This component functions as a transducer. Usually the transducer is immersed in a tank or tied to the bottom/side of the vessel carb cleaner

2. Cleaning carburetors manually is very difficult.
Carburetors are often exposed to gas varnish that accumulates in their small holes so that it is very difficult to clean using ordinary cleaning tools. The process of cleaning the carburetor is also more difficult because of the ethanol in gasoline. Carburetors have a lot of inaccessible areas and some types of stains are very difficult to clean. For that, a carb cleaner that uses ultrasonic is needed. With an ultrasonic cleaner, stubborn stains such as oil, varnish, and carbon can be cleaned from the carburetor. This ultrasonic cleaner produces ultrasonic waves which are then injected into the cleaning solution. The component to be cleaned is then dipped in an ultrasonic wave solution. This ultrasonic wave can separate molecules in a cleaning solution and function as a microscopic scrubber. For teams like Land Rover Bar that require optimal engine performance, ultrasonic cleaners help that goal.

3. More advantages:

* Save time – Ultrasonic cleaners can generally emit very high frequencies. This makes all the carburetor components can be cleaned faster. Besides, because it uses water-based chemistry, carburetors only need partial disassembly.
* Gentle process – Unlike the manual cleaning process where the process of removing stains using abrasion, ultrasonic cleaning uses sound waves to clean hard-to-reach parts. By using sound waves, abrasion will not occur so that the components do not wear out quickly.

* A high degree of flexibility – Carburetors are machines that are vulnerable to chemicals and dirt. Ultrasonic carb cleaner has a high degree of flexibility in removing these stains.

* High efficiency with comfort – Ultrasonic carb cleaner allows you to clean every part of the machine easily, even to hard-to-reach parts. You only need to dip the parts that need to be cleaned into the ultrasonic tank then turn on the ultrasonic sound generator. Make sure you use the right ultrasonic cleaner detergent. By using an ultrasonic cleaner you will immediately see the difference. Dirt-both easy and difficult to disappear will immediately disappear, in contrast to manual cleaning.