What Are Backlinks For SEO?

Backlinks are links coming from a different site to yours. In simpler terms, a single link coming to your site from another site is beneficial to your site. That is why the old-fashioned link exchange still does not work too well for most websites looking to make use of links for SEO purposes. The new improved method, however, does work quite well and many more websites are benefiting from the popularity explosion thanks to the following:

High Contextual Reliability: One of the biggest advantages is their high contextual reliability. A backlink from a high context Reliable web directory like DMOZ with a high Alexa ranking will be highly beneficial to your site because of the huge targeted audience it can attract. On the other hand, if you’re getting links from a web directory with low reliability, your links will be even more valuable to you simply because of the low traffic coming to that directory. Basically, your links are counted based on the quality of the link that Google considers as being high enough quality enough to count as a vote for your page.

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High Content relevancy: It is an essential part of the whole process of building backlinks for SEO purposes. Google will only count the link’s value according to its content. So, the more valuable your article is, the more valuable your site is too. Try to publish high quality content articles regularly which are fresh and written in a way that readers will be interested to see what you’re up to.

Anchor Text: Another benefit of links for SEO is that they allow your chosen keywords to have an anchor text that Google can read and index. For example, when somebody searches for links in Google, the most common type of keyword is the one with the anchor text. So, your links will also have your anchor text in it. This gives you a better position in SERPs because you’re providing more information to your readers, thus more likely to attract their attention.

Authority Linking: For some unknown reason, for SEO seem to favor sites with authority over those without any link to their site. But this isn’t true. A site with no link to your site doesn’t have the advantage you want if you want to have for SEO. The reason for this is that you want to be those of the site owners who are trusted and popular. Therefore, if a site owner with authority links to your website, then it will be more likely to be included in your backlink profile.

All said and done, links for SEO are extremely beneficial. But you need to make sure that they’re not just anything but valuable ones. If you want to enjoy good links for SEO, make sure they’re valuable ones.